storageAt the moment, our company is not able to place all documentation and virtual machine images on our servers. A former storage is no longer relevant since passed under the control of another company.

It was therefore decided to give this information to the masses, through the peer to peer networks.
At the moment, it formed a torrent file in which all the information on the project.

It comprises:
1. Documentation.
2. Assembled and ready to install packages.
3. The hard disk image for virtual machines VirtualBox and VmWare.
4. Drawings PCB format PCB & Gerber.
5. Plans of all cards and modules.
6. Manuals, etc.

The main part (at the moment it's all packages and the torrent file) we have placed in our storage, located at the following addresses:

If you are interested in this project, please support it - continue to distribute after downloading and placing the torrent file (magnet-link) on the various trackers.
Let's make the future Black Swift together .

Team Black Swift.

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