Black Swift is a tiny — coin-sized — embedded computer with powerful CPU, integrated Wi-Fi and USB interface, and OpenWRT support. It was created to make home appliances smarter, turn Internet of Things into reality, build some funny robotics, or create your very own project with powerful wireless computer at the center of it. The choice is yours.

Internet of Smart Things

Black Swift is an ideal choice to make your home appliances smarter, no matter what — existing devices or completely new development.

  • Ultra-compact at just 25×35 mm (1×1.4 in)
  • All necessary components on a single board, including Wi-Fi
  • Easy to use, easy to integrate into your design
  • Programming languages from C/C++ to PHP and Python

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Versatile and Powerful

Despite its small size, Black Swift comes with fair computing power and extensive set of peripheral interfaces. In fact, Black Swift is functionally finished, ready to use computing module — without any additional boards or adapters.

  • Qualcomm Atheros AR9331 SoC
  • MIPS 24K CPU core at 400 MHz
  • 64 MB DDR2 RAM and 16 MB NOR flash
  • Over 25 GPIOs

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Both Professionals And Enthusiasts

Black Swift was created to be useful and accessible for everyone — professional electronics engineers as well as amateurs without any significant experience in modern hardware development.

  • Ready to use without additional adapters or boards
  • Standard microUSB connectors on the board
  • Easy to connect additional peripherals
  • Easy to integrate into your designs

For Professionals

Due to ultra-compact size and all interfaces available on standard 2-rows 1.27 mm connectors, Black Swift is ready to become computing and communication core of your very own hardware.

  • Integrated +3.3 V 1 A and +2.75 V 300 mA voltage regulators
  • Aligned with the main board ot 90-degree mounting
  • USB 2.0, Ethernet, UART, SPI, I²C support
  • Rapid prototyping

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For Enthusiasts

At the same time, Black Swift is unbelievably easy to start with. Unlike competing solutions, it doesn't even need dedicated motherboard — just connect the power and you're ready to go!

  • Works with regular +5 VDC microUSB power supply
  • Web-interface to set up and install additional software
  • Linux-based OpenWRT operating system
  • Multiple programming languages available

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Completely Open Source

Everything in the Black Swift project is open. Not only software, which is based on emormously popular OpenWRT OS, but even hardware — schematics as well as circuit board — will be made available to everyone.

  • Open schematics and PCB design
    • Open source software
    • Easy software modifications
    • Easy integration in your own designs